About Us

Who We Are

IPP Mining & Materials Handling aims to become a world-class, proudly South African energy enterprise, with the capacity to develop and run efficient, profitable mining operations, whilst maintaining a clear focus on quality, sustainability, and integrity.
This principle extends through the execution to the delivery of everything that we do and produce.

Our vision is to become one of the largest contributors to South Africa’s mining sector.

IPP MM’s Business Targets Focus On

• Efficient environmentally friendly practices & procedures
• Superior service delivery and products
• Improving local community living-standards
• Regulatory compliance on all fronts
• Employee skills development
• Zero injury and fatality rate
• High productivity returns

We are proud owners of a full-service mining and materials handling fleet, enabling us to provide a variety of services on site.
We use this equipment in operations of excavation, refinement and transportation of minerals.
We also lease equipment, along with our highly trained operators, in contract mining.
We are currently operational on multiple national and international mining sites.

State Regulatory Services

To ensure that potential impacts on the environment are managed and as a part of water resource protection in the South African Mining Industry, IPP Mining and Materials Handling has attained the full capability of constructing Pollution Control Dams on Site

It is as important to us as it is to the government of South Africa to leave as small a print of our activities on the environment as possible. We are proud to have established the capability of earth rehabilitation at mining sites to a capacity able to support growth once again

Health & Safety Mandates

It will always remain a paramount priority for us to protect and safeguard the wellbeing of our people on the job.
We actively aim to raise the consciousness of safety protocol on site and around equipment by insisting on the proper conduct and practices at every possible juncture in an effort to eliminate injury and fatality. We are so dedicated to our goal of eliminating disastrous incidents, that we employ our own health and safety committee.
This committee meets regularly to discuss our health and safety procedures and protocols in the continuous effort to improve our lost time frequency rate.

“We aim to reach a zero injury and fatality frequency rate. Our people are our most important resource”

Focus On Employee Expertise.

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our employees and ensure they all meet all regulations and are sufficiently trained to be on site and operate all of the machinery they may handle.
In addition to undergoing training for the specific equipment they may use, employees are also given continuous training, which details etiquette and procedures on our sites with our equipment.