Projects & Sites

Explore our diverse range of mining projects and operational sites, showcasing our expertise and global presence.

IPP Owned Mine Reserves

Nndanganeni Colliery

A diverse coal mining and beneficiating site in the heart of the “IPP COAL COUNTRY”.

Opgoedenhoop Colliery

An open cast mining project, mainly mining B seam, C upper and C Lower seams. Coal Seam A will be mined in future.

Vierfontein Colliery

A proudly IPP owned coal mine in the heart of Mpumalanga.

Onverdacht Colliery

Producing 100% high grade product for domestic and export.

Railway Siding Operations
and Material Handling

Koornfontein Siding

A Railway Siding project powered by IPP Group of Companies. Exporting various grades of coal.

Golfview Siding

A Railway Siding project powered by IPP Group of Companies. Operating in a traditional manner.

Vierfontein Colliery

Situated in the heart of Mpumalanga, Vierfontein Colliery emerges from the landscape with one goal: to mine coal safely and effectively. Its operations are deeply intertwined with the surrounding community, providing employment opportunities and driving economic growth. The colliery serves as a lifeline for many families, fostering a sense of belonging within the community. At the core of Vierfontein Colliery’s success lies a commitment to safety and sustainability. 

IPP Mining prioritizes the well-being of its employees, implementing rigorous safety protocols and investing in state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a secure working environment. This dedication to safety not only safeguards the lives of those working in the colliery but also underscores IPP Mining’s commitment to responsible mining practices.

Looking ahead, Vierfontein Colliery continues to navigate an ever-evolving landscape, marked by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and shifting market dynamics. As IPP Mining charts the course for the colliery’s future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. 

Onverdacht Colliery

Onverdacht Colliery, acquired from Analisa Mining in 2018, aims to expand into Kaalplaats Farm to Onverdacht. We hold a reserve of 5 million tons of coal in Onverdacht. Our aim is to breach Onverdacht’s boundary pillar into Onverdacht. Remaining Reserve before IPP’s Onverdacht transition: 12,899 tons (as of July 2023).


  • Expansion: Kaalplaats to Onverdacht
  • Coal Reserve: 5M tons in Onverdacht

Upon acquisition, IPP encountered challenges due to delayed rehabilitation. IPP intervened, deploying 2 dozers to hasten Onverdacht’s rehabilitation for a smooth transition to Onverdacht. Onverdacht’s output is 100% high-grade, domestic, and export coal.

Our fleet includes 670 excavators and Bell B40D ADTs. To meet targets, IPP plans to introduce Hitachi ECX 1200 and CAT 777, enhancing both production and community upskilling. By marrying expansion with expertise, Onverdacht Colliery advances towards sustainable growth and excellence.

Opgoedenhoop Colliery

Opgoedenhoop Colliery is situated on the Op Goedenhoop 205 IS farm, positioned just 12 km East of Hendrina town. This strategic location falls within the jurisdiction of Chief Albert Municipality. Access to the colliery is achieved by taking a southward turn onto a well-maintained gravel road, a mere 9 km from the heart of Hendrina. Precisely situated at coordinates S26.185490 and E29.818850.

Originating in October 2009, Mineral Right (MR) was granted to Lumpasa Mining and Exploration, expiring on September 28, 2015. Renewed in April 2015, Fifth Season Investment 125 secured the MR until January 26, 2025. Subsequently, a water use license was bestowed on June 11, 2017. The acquisition of the farm by Fifth Season Investment 125 paved the way for Opgoedenhoop (OPG) Colliery, an open-cast mining venture. With a focus on B seam, C upper, and C Lower seams, OPG Colliery envisions the eventual extraction of Coal Seam A.

Producing 4,100,000 cubic meters of overburden annually and extracting 660,000 tons of coal yearly, OPG Colliery anticipates a decade-long mining tenure at the present rate. Until September 2022, Opgoedenhoop primarily supplied Eskom. Post-September 2022, coal transitioned to exports through Nndanganeni Colliery, averaging 40,000 tons monthly.

Nndanganeni Colliery

Introducing Nndanganeni Colliery, a dynamic coal mining and beneficiating hub nestled in the heart of ‘IPP COAL COUNTRY.’ Our strategic location along the N4 toll route near Middelburg ensures visibility and accessibility. Our diverse team, a blend of skilled veterans and fresh talents, drives our mission. Anchored by a local coal supply, we play a pivotal role in the local and export coal market.

Our location on the N4 toll route, at the Woestalleen turnoff, places us in the center of attention along this prominent highway.

Central to our operations is a steady stream of local coal, serving as the lifeblood of our mining and beneficiation processes. This perpetual motion is fueled by the dynamic demands of an active export coal market. Our knowledgeable staff, with decades of collective wisdom, play a pivotal role in transferring their know-how to empower the next generation.

In essence, Nndanganeni Colliery not only holds significance in the coal trade’s current landscape but also propels the industry forward, driven by innovation and legacy alike.

Golfview Siding

Located 8km outside Ermelo on the Lothair road, Golfview Siding operates in a traditional manner, loading trains with front-end loaders. Achieving a commendable milestone, the facility has successfully met its yearly target by exporting a total of 811,000 tons.

The siding is organized into two distinct sections: 52 side and 48 side, each contributing to the efficient operations of Golfview Siding.

Golfview Siding extends to two primary sections: 52 side and 48 side. These divisions are pivotal in orchestrating the loading process, ensuring seamless operations and prompt dispatches. Manned by specialized teams, each section operates with precision and dedication, contributing to the overall efficiency of the facility.

Whether facilitating exports or managing incoming shipments, Golfview Siding exemplifies excellence in railway logistics, catering to diverse transportation requirements with proficiency and reliability.

Koornfontein Siding

Nestled in the coal-rich landscapes of Mpumalanga, South Africa, Koornfontein Colliery stands as a cornerstone of the nation’s mining industry, embodying efficiency, versatility, and a commitment to excellence. Operated by a dedicated team, Koornfontein Colliery leverages innovative technologies and strategic partnerships to optimize its operations, contributing significantly to the global coal market while supporting local economies.

One of the hallmark features of Koornfontein Colliery is its utilization of a rapid loadout system at Koornfontein Siding. This cutting-edge system enables the colliery to efficiently load between 100 and 104 jumbo wagons with various grades of coal. This streamlined process not only enhances productivity but also ensures the timely delivery of high-quality coal to domestic and international markets.

Leveraging its strategic location and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the siding exports various grades of coal tailored to meet the specific requirements of its clientele. Koornfontein Siding prides itself on delivering products that consistently meet or exceed industry standards.

To facilitate the export of coal, trains are dispatched from Koornfontein Siding to the Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), a key gateway for coal exports in South Africa.