What Can We Do
For You?

We are proud owners of a full-service mining, materials handling and construction fleet, enabling us to provide a variety of services on site.
We use this equipment in operations of excavation, refinement and transportation of minerals and construction
We also lease equipment, along with our highly trained operators in contract mining and civil operations.
We are currently operational on multiple national and international sites.


Services Provided

Opencast Mining

We specialise in opencast mining, which entails stripping of top soil, overburden blasting operations and removal of resources.

Material Handling

We offer an extensive range of material handling services which includes but is not limited to; ROM Feed, discard handling, plant operations, loading and stockpiling of resources.

Railway Siding Operations & Upgrades

We at IPP Mining & Materials Handling prides ourselves on owning full use and access of various sidings which enables us to offer a full range of siding operations. This consists of management of received and dispatched product.

Mine Rehabilitation

We have completed a vast amount of rehabilitation projects. This involves restoring the environment back to its original state prior to commencement of mining activities.

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Pollution Control Dams

We have an extensive knowledge of the construction of pollution control systems which includes dams, trenching and silt traps.

Civil Infrastructure & Construction

The company has a range of skills and qualifications which allows us to complete a range of projects in the built environment such as roads, railways and residential and industrial buildings.

Plant & Equipment Hire

After years in the industry, we have acquired a wide range of mining and construction plant equipment which we ensure is serviced and maintained regularly and made available for hire.