About IPP Group of Companies

A full turnkey mining solution you can trust.

What We Do

Owner Operated Mines

Independent mine operations managed directly by their owners.

Mining Contractor

Contractor specializing in large-scale open-pit mining operations.

Mine Infrastructure

Optimizing facilities for efficient extraction and operations.

Commodity Trading

Navigating markets for profitable investment opportunities.

Mine Rehabilitation

Restoring and revitalizing mines for sustainability and safety.

Material Handling

Efficient techniques and equipment for streamlined material handling.

About IPP Group of Companies

IPP founder Igor Pinto first started as a sole proprietor and later registered the name IPP, which stands for Igor Pinto Projects. The company’s heritage began in the construction industry in 1996. IPP’s services soon evolved and started to offer additional services such as plant hire, which naturally progressed into bulk earthworks and opencast mining. With this knowledge, the company entered the mining sector as mine owners, which has been its primary focus.

IPP Group of Companies aims to become a world-class, proudly South African mining enterprise with the capacity to develop and run efficient, profitable mining operations whilst maintaining a clear focus on quality, sustainability, and integrity.
This principle extends through the execution to deliver everything we do and produce. We want to become one of the most significant contributors to South Africa’s mining sector.

Only the Best


Environmentally Friendly

Efficient environmentally friendly practices & procedures help reduce our ecological footprint.


Superior Service Delivery

We believe in delivering exceptional services and producing high-quality products.


Community Driven

Enhancing the quality of life within the local community by improving living standards.


Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring regulatory compliance across all areas of operation is one of our most important objectives.


Employee Skills Development

We believe in investing in employees, allowing them to develop skills to enhance their abilities and performance.


Zero Injury and Fatality Rate

We maintain a zero injury and fatality rate, ensuring a safe working environment for our employees.


High Productivity Returns

Efficient work leads to high productivity returns, benefiting both the employee and the company.

Years Established

Active Locations


Mined Per Month

“Coal mining is an industry that shapes the economic backbone of nations, providing energy for progress and fueling the growth of communities.”